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Cover image for book Looking At Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter

Looking At Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter

By: Donald PalmerPublisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US)Print ISBN: 9781264600281 eText ISBN: 9781265496630Edition: 8Copyright: 2024Format: Reflowable

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Distilled from Donald Palmer’s more than thirty years of experience, Looking at Philosophy exemplifies his very successful approach to teaching the introductory course. The text is the story of the discovery and development of philosophy in the Western world, from its beginnings in ancient Greece to our own time. The author has not tried to exhaust all the known information but rather has presented the key ideas in ways that make them understandable and interesting to learners today. Through the use of humor and nearly 400 drawings, charts, and diagrams, serious philosophical topics come alive for the reader without compromising the importance of the subject matter. In the author’s words, “This book takes philosophy seriously, but not gravely.” Looking at Philosophy also can be customized (as a print or ebook) to include selections from Discourses , McGraw Hill’s collection of more than 450 classical and contemporary philosophy readings.


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