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A Lighter Shade of Blue

By: Scott BakerPublisher: Andrews McMeel PublishingPrint ISBN: 9781449407742 eText ISBN: 9781449407193Edition: 1Copyright: 2011Format: Reflowable

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In the tradition of Leland Gregory's best-selling Stupid collections, retired NYPD officer Scott Baker and author Tom Philbin present A Lighter Shade of Blue. With authentic tales of life behind the badge, A Lighter Shade of Blue features hilarious anecdotes as told by the cops on the scene--everything from stupid crooks and bungled crimes to patrol etiquette, station house banter, and mangled English.From a gun-stealing chimpanzee to the good-natured hazing of a new recruit, A Lighter Shade of Blue mixes the hilarious with the downright unbelievable through more than 100 firsthand accounts from police officers across the United States and Canada. In addition, a handy glossary of funny cop lingo apprises readers of why they would much rather have a fat pill (buttered roll) as opposed to a finger wave (rectal exam). Consider A Lighter Shade of Blue as the ultimate ride-along--a sidesplitting collection rife with real stories from the cops who have seen and heard it all, including:* A rookie who is locked in the back of a cop car during his first patrol and driven, windows down, through an automatic car wash.* A gun-stealing chimpanzee.* A college professor attacked by a wild gang of teenage girls who promptly steal his watch.


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