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Cover image for book Choi Oi! The Lighter Side of Vietnam

Choi Oi! The Lighter Side of Vietnam

The Lighter Side of VietnamBy: Tony ZidekPublisher: Tuttle PublishingPrint ISBN: 9781462917990 eText ISBN: 9781462917990Edition: 0Format: Reflowable

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<div><B>This humorous, comic guide to Vietnam War-era Vietnam is a hilarious explanation of the land, customs, and people the American "advisor" has found so fascinating, provoking, agreeable, disturbing, infuriating and lovable.</B><BR><BR>The American, and especially the American serviceman, can be counted on to find the lighter side of life anywhere in the world&#151;even in Vietnam. And that's just what caroonist Tony Zidek has captured in this 120 page laugh-along-with-the-Vietnamese comic guide. Vietnam, as the author explains, is the land of "gazebbies, dummy sticks, cyclos, and no sweat pills."<BR><BR>It is also a land where a very serious life-and-death struggle faces its residents every day. For this reason the author hopes that this book was intended i some small way will help the American soldier see past his daily hardships and uncertainties to the "lighter side of Vietnam."<BR></div>


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