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Lighter Side to Darkness

By: EnRe SanPublisher: Author SolutionsPrint ISBN: 9781504395052 eText ISBN: 9781504395069Edition: 0Copyright: 2018Format: Reflowable

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For the culture, the mystic who swallowed the moon made a tale out of it all. For some people, life is no fun without a trance. They need something pretty to keep them stuck in inspiration, but they fatally miss the point. As sadness goes, its on the top-five list, but no one cares. Theres a way to use and work with God and make insanity your tool, but the burden of incite has too many burning traits. To have things like that requires sharp eyes, a terrible crisis, and very much forgettable ancestors.The Lighter Side to Darkness is a colorful tale from the yesteryears of EnRe San. It was a time where my only wish was to keep the sky blue, but going gray meant harmony, and attacking the soul meant I didnt have to go for blood. Theres an inherent strength in pain thats best known when you let chaos take advantage of you, so I went for blood too. You can be raped, be betrayed, or be in the middle of a worldly possession; if its so good that you forgot that you can still kick everyones ass, then I call that a reason to learn. Because just like swallowing the moon, you officially have a friend in mastering your emotions.


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