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Faculty Portal Login

Q: How can I request a textbook for my class?

A: Please visit You will be asked to login with your calnet identification, this is to ensure the correct classes auto populate in your faculty portal page. Faculty Portal works best by entering the ISBN of the requested textbook. You can also email You will receive a response once your order has been entered into our system.

Q: Why can’t I find my course in Faculty Portal? What should I do?

A: There are a number of reasons your course may not show up in Faculty Portal:

  • If you are co-instructing a course with another instructor, only one of you will be able to see the course
  • If you use an email address that includes a departmental domain (such as or it may not sync with your CalNet ID and prevent your courses from auto populating
  • If you are a GSI instructing a course, the instructor of record may be your supervising professor or may not be listed, preventing you from seeing your course
  • If the instructor of record has not been or only recently has been assigned, Faculty Portal may not have synchronized with the registrar’s system
  • In these cases, please email any textbook adoptions, questions or updates to If you experience recurring access issues, please confirm the instructor information submitted by your department as it relates to the issues above.

Q: Is there a deadline to request a textbook?

A: Yes. Accommodation and Affordability Deadlines change yearly and are implemented by the school in the interest of the students. The Cal Student Store has no control over these deadlines, though when they are followed, we are better able to serve the students. They can be found at

Q: If I miss the deadlines, can I still request books?

A: Yes, though please be advised that the sooner The Cal Student Store receives adoption information, the better we are able to source books and save students money. We also realize that sometimes there are last minute faculty changes or assignments, but if we receive adoptions too close to the beginning of the next semester, there is a chance we may not have the books for the first week of school. In such a case, we suggest keeping in contact with us. We will do our best to communicate and work around those issues.

Q: Do I need to inform the bookstore if I’m using a reader?

A: Yes! Because the Cal Student Store services UC Berkeley scholarship students, we must be aware of all items used for classes. Please email for which class you will be creating a reader and from which copy store it can be obtained.

Q: Will I be notified if the bookstore does not have my books?

A: If adoptions are submitted before the affordability deadline, yes you will be notified. Otherwise, we do our best to communicate when books have not been ordered or received. Unfortunately, sometimes we are not notified that a book is unavailable until we receive our order without the particular book. We will still make every effort to communicate these issues. In general, the best ways to make sure the bookstore is able to obtain your requested books are following the affordability deadline and making sure the requested book is in print before submitting adoptions.

Q: If my publisher says they will let the bookstore know what books I am using, do I still need to contact the bookstore?

A: Yes. While we are in constant contact with publisher sales reps, most service many schools across many states. Additionally, there are multiple bookstores in the area and we will need to confirm orders with instructors regardless of what the publisher rep tells us. Entering the information into faculty portal or emailing will allow us to cross-reference the information provided by faculty and the publisher reps without bothering you.

Q: I submitted my textbook adoption to my department. Why doesn’t the bookstore have my books?

A: Many departments gather book information for faculty and then pass information onto the bookstore. Unfortunately, lines of communication may not be open between your department and the Cal Student Store. Please ask your department administrators to email as soon as possible if this is the case. We are very happy to work with departments in addition to faculty to make sure we can service Cal students effectively.

Q: How do I get desk copies for my GSIs or myself?

A: Unfortunately, The Cal Student Store is not able to obtain desk copies. Because there are multiple bookstores in the area ordering for the school, cumulative orders from all bookstores need to be accounted for to get the requested number of desk copies. Therefore, departments most efficiently handle obtaining desk copies.