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The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) has provisions to reduce costs to students while supporting instructors' ability to select high-quality course materials. HEOA requires that course book information be made available to students before they enroll in a course. UC Berkeley complies with HEOA by asking faculty to submit book orders to the Cal Student Store even in cases where faculty place orders with independent bookstores, so they can be listed in the course catalogue. Providing book lists to the Cal Student Store, regardless of where books are ordered, also makes it possible for the store to buy back books at the end of the semester and offer them at a discount in the future.


In addition, each faculty has the responsibility* to identify instructional materials for his or her courses far enough in advance of the semester that the Disabled Students Program has adequate time to convert them into an accessible format, e.g., Braille, large print, digital/electronic. Timely submission of textbook adoptions enables the University to meet its legal requirement to provide students with disabilities an equal educational opportunity to learn course subject matter, to participate actively in classroom discussions, and to meet assignment deadlines.

Important Deadlines

Below are required dates by term for faculty to submit textbook adoptions. To ensure record of your adoption submit online using the Faculty Portal, or email If you choose to submit your course adoption via email, please be sure to include your department, course number, and instructor name (if you submitting on behalf of the instructor).

The first date is the HEOA affordability deadline for submitting textbook adoptions to the Cal Student Store. The second date is the seven week-accommodation deadline.